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This Home-page summarises what we do, and the resources available.   Click on the titles below to go straight to the relevant web-page for more information



About Us - "We do what is says on the tin".

An overview of the various ways that Small Charity Support "does what it says on the tin" - ie: offers a friendly ear and some practical experience gained from 10+ years of providing pro bono support to help trustees, volunteers and staff of "small" charities (eg: annual incomes less than £250,000) through those "difficult patches" that inevitably crop up from time.
Small Charity Support also produces numerous (more than 40 at the last count) free-to-download-and-use guidance leaflets covering many of the issues encountered by the trustees of small charities.

Visit this web-page for information on "face-to-face" services, eg: HelpLine, Mentoring, Training.

Small Charity Support is a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation - 1161963

Trustees ResponsibilitiesSmallCharityTrustees

A collection of pragmatic guidance leaflets on the responsibities of charity trustees:
   ♦ what the legal jargon means in practice;
   ♦ pragmatic suggestion & options for complying with those responsibilities;
   ♦ tips on where the major pitfall are and how to avoid them;
   and what you could do if you fall into them.

ProgrammePlanningProgramme Planning

Creating a programme plan is often seen as just "red-tape bureaucracy" to "tick a box" and then sit forlornly on a shelf.   Hence the old adage "Charities don't plan to fail ... They simply fail to plan".
Good planning doesn't just help a charity to achieve its objects more efficiently & effectively.   Even more importantly it allows the charity to demonstrate its successes to its beneficiaries, volunteers, staff and the public (AND its donors & funders).   Great for boosting morale and improving performance all round.

MoneyMgmnt3Managing the Money Made Easy

This webpage - sub-titled "Simple is Beautiful" - explains how "ordinary" volunteer Trustees, without any special financial expertise, can set up their small charity accounts to be easy and understandable to all.   The webpage includes a free-to-download-and-use spreadsheet showing how those principles can be put into practice.   And it is accompanied by an example spreadsheet illustrating how real charities, with real data, are using it not only to manage their day-to-day financial records and internal management reporting but also to produce their end-of-year accounts ready to cut-and-paste straight into their annual returns to the Charity Commission.

GuidanceDocs2Example Policies

Every charity needs a collection of Polices & Procedures to guide its day-to-day activities & governance.   But starting with a blank sheet of paper and “reinventing the wheel” can be a lengthy and tedious process.   So it is hoped that this collection of example policies - most of which have themselves been modified from the policies of others - will simplify the process a little by providing some ideas to get you going.   Every charity is, of course, different.   You will therefore need to adapt them to suit your own particular needs and situation.

Starting a CharityStartingACharity

 This web-page has a series of leaflet is intended to give you just a quick overview of the things that you will need to take into account in setting up a new small charity - ie: annual income not likely to be more than £200,000 in the first few years of the charity's operation.   It also offers some suggestions and guidance on completing the Charity Commission's on-line application form.
But note: they are NOT a professional opinion or a full and comprehensive guide to Charity Law and all the associated regulations.   They are just a simple overview of the main points for those who want to set up a small charity to serve their local community or to help those with a particular area of need.

QuizBoardQuiz ScoreSheet

NOT one of Small Charity Support's usual resources.
Just a bit of fun.   A spreadsheet to help charities (and other NfP organisations) which run Quiz Evenings as a social and/or fundraising activity.

CommentsUser Feedback

 Some recent unsolicited comments from people who have used Small Charity Support's resources


Searching2Other Resources

The charity sector is large and diverse.   So Small Charity Support's resources won't be appropriate for all charities.   This web-page provides links to other web-sites with other resources which might be more useful.   They all have good reputations, but Small Charity Support hasn’t itself tested and verified everything which they have on offer.   Similarly, the absence of a website from the list DOESN’T mean that it should be avoided.

ThoughtsCharity Thoughts

This web-page contains a collection of more general "thoughts" ("blogs") provoked (and sometimes inspired) by some of the issues that Small Charity Support has helped other small charities deal with.

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