Comments in E-mails from small charities which have been supported by Small Charity Support in the last year.


28 September 2020
I can't thank you enough for the thoroughness, thoughtfulness, and highly helpful and informative email.

18 September 2020
Last night you were incredibly helpful very kind and above all generous with your time I know as a group we really appreciate it.

15 September 2020
Firstly, thanks so much for putting together your Simple Accounts spreadsheet.   Some 20 years ago, as a new Treasurer, I battled with Excel to make something that was simple enough for me to use day to day, and which produced reports which, I at least thought, were more readable than the Accounting-speak commonly used.   Your spreadsheet clearly has the same intentions, but you have done it so much better!

20 August 2020
I appreciate your feedback and will action your recommendations.

28 July 2020
Thank you for the information and thank you for supporting us.

7 June 2020
Many thanks for your quick reply - the advice makes sense and is very helpful

5 June 2020
That is perfect advice. I am extremely grateful to you for taking the time and the trouble to reply so comprehensively. I will copy your reply to my partner and pass on the content to colleagues in my own organisation.

1 June 2020
We have some great news.

Our application has been accepted and we are now a registered charity.
We had to amend the objectives slightly but they accepted it very quickly.

27 May 2020
Hello this has all been really useful advice. 

26 May 2020
After our informative chat yesterday I have been able to complete the spreadsheet for Y/E 2019

4 May 2020
Thank you so much for your thoughtful and helpful response - I'm really grateful for your help, and your pointers about what to pursue.   We're certainly finding setting up a new charity complex at times, so it's hugely helpful to be able to seek help through resources such as yours.

4 May 2020
Thank you for this really insightful email.   It’s reassuring that I’m on a similar train of thought and action

3 May 2020
Thank you so much for this.   This is a very comprehensive answer and I really appreciate the effort!   Lot's for us to think about here.

23 April 2020
Thank you so much for this very informative and helpful e-mail.

16 April 2020
Thank you for your reply and your help it is much appreciated.

29 March 2020
I hope you are OK.   I just wanted to tell you that on March 25th we were registered as a CIO with very few amendments to our Governing document.   This is fantastic and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart as without your encouragement and information we would have really struggled.

19 March 2020
Thank you so much for your help this is fantastically useful.

16 March 2020
First of all, may I thank you on behalf of myself and my little team for your outstanding and comprehensive reply.

10 March 2020
Hello, this is a very helpful response.   Thank you for taking the time.   It does look rather challenging however so I might rethink!

6 March 2020
Many thanks for this - it makes sense and is tremendously helpful - much appreciated!   I'm sure I'll be in touch again with further queries in the future.

5 March 2020
Thank you again.   Your help is much appreciated.

4 March 2020
I was really very grateful yesterday to receive your very thoughtful and well considered response to our difficult situation as recently flagged to us by the CDA.   Your suggestion oozes common sense, but I recognise it is not strictly legal advice.

11 February 2020
I can’t thank you enough for all the help.

11 February 2020
Thank you very much for your extremely detailed and comprehensive reply.   That is so helpful, especially your suggested approach to presenting it to members for adoption subject to any amendments required by the Ch Com.

10 February 2020
Thank you for spending time on this.   It's really helpful.   I'll pass the information on to our trustees.

8 February 2020
Thanks for your reply and support.   Greatly appreciate what you are doing and it certainly makes life easier.

20 January  2020
Thanks for getting back to me with all the information it was certainly helpful.

13 January 2020
Thank you very much.   That is very very helpful.   I spent a good hour earlier, trying to find an answer on the internet!   You are brilliant! Cheers.

8 December 2019
Thank you for your prompt reply.   I apologise for mine being to slow.   However your email has been very helpful.

4 December 2019
Thank you so much for your prompt reply and the links to possible sources of legal and other advice.   I shall contact our local safeguarding officer for advice on my legal query in the first instance as you advise and then, if necessary, take the alternative route through the web site links you have given me.

I would also like to thank you for your timely advice regarding our therapist partnership and our application to the Charity Commission.   Your response has been very helpful and is much appreciated. 

27 November
Firstly I'd like to say thanks you as I am finding your website extremely useful.

We are a newly formed charity and still finding our feet on how to run a professional ship.
I have found your link to the sample policies very helpful.

26 November
Many thanks for this good advice.

26 November
Your advice and pointers are wonderful - thank you so much for going through the query and breaking it down like that - much appreciated.

Mission drift has always been a worry for me and the Trustees so it was the first question we asked ourselves.
Your point about keeping any stipulations concise and outcome focussed is great advice and thank you again.

25 November
I think you hit the nail on the head, so I will go with your No. 2 solution.

6 November 2019
I just want to say how amazing it was.   I learnt so much and my query was sorted.

5 November 2019
Very helpful.  I shall follow your advice.

2 November 2019
Wow, that was quick.  Thank you.

29 October 2019
Just wanted to let you know that having read all your advice I made the application for [...] to be a registered charity and we heard yesterday that the application had been accepted.   So thank you again for all your advice, was really helpful as hope that now we can get on with the fundraising and make a small difference.

27 October 2019
Thank you so much for this – it is incredibly helpful.   I forwarded this on to our Chair and having had a discussion her view is that what you are suggesting is in fact a non brainer and we will now be discussing later with all the Directors.

10 October 2019
Thank you very much for your great support indeed.