Thanks Brian - looking forward to using the spreadsheet, happy to keep in touch re how it is going.

Brilliant!   Thank you so much for that.   It really is great that you run your website, I can't imagine how many people it has helped out!

Thanks really helpful

Thank you very much for your swift and helpful response!

Hi there, I love your site, it's so accessible

I've had a look at the spreadsheet and as far as I can tell it looks good to me.   I do have some questions so maybe a zoom would be good, how does Tuesday 18th at 10am sound?

Many thanks for your detailed reply, noted below, from the explanation that you have given, looks like we have to stick to a commercial software only as we did before, current income is much less than 250K although last financial year was slightly more than 250K, we were really looking for a more simple or user friendly commercial software that what we used last year, Liberty and Paxton are already in my list and I have already started to communicate with Paxton too, I will try them as you also have recommended them.

Great to chat yesterday and thanks so much for giving me your time.   Here is our password protected spreadsheet for you to have a look at

Thank you for your extremely helpful and considered response and indeed for coming back to us so quickly.   We very much appreciate the time and thought you have given to your reply.

Thank you so much for your invaluable assistance – the templates you have provided are extremely helpful.

Thanks very much again for your time this morning.   That's made me less depressed about our committee/trustee situation!

Thank you for getting back to me it is much appreciated.   I found the template very useful in getting this done as it provided a good place to start!

Thank you very much.   This is helpful.

I am part of a new charity and I came across your website which has been very helpful; producing of policies and procedures, thank you.

Thank you very much for your speedy reply to my enquiry.   Your advice certainly helped to clarify the situation we found ourselves in and we have now submitted our first annual return.   I suspect that the first time anyone does this is always the most difficult!   We used your template for our textual report which we found was so much easier to use than the one on the CC’s site.   We really appreciate your support and guidance.

First thank you for your website.   After reading through the leaflet on annual reporting I feel a lot less worried about completing it than after reading the CC site.   As it will be our first report and my first too, it's a new experience.

Oh wow thank you very much! That's so helpful!   I thought I was going mad trying to get my head around how exactly to prepare the governing document - you've made it very clear! I'll keep an eye on any differences and let you know..

I just wanted to thank you again for your time yesterday, your help and advice is very much appreciated.

Thank you so much for this information, it is a good starting point for me.

With your considerable assistance, I have, as treasurer of a new, small charity, been successfully using your accounts and financial report spreadsheets for 18 months now.   It has been working very well indeed, and I am very grateful.