Some recent unsolicited comments from people who have come to us for some support & guidance on a range of small charity issues.


19 Jul 2023
Thank you so much for your support and advice on this matter, as ever you have made it feel much more manageable. 

29 Sep 2023
Thanks so much for this incredibly helpful reply.   I really appreciate it, and also really appreciate the work your charity does.   It’s immensely valuable.   I will flag up your work and resources to our own charity.

2 Oct 2023
Thanks for your really helpful email.   I'll get a draft of our annual report to you forthwith.

10 Oct 2023
My wife and I are looking into setting up a charity together.   We have been doing a lot of research and found your amazingly helpful website.

12 Oct 2023
Thank you so much for reviewing our enquiry and offering to further assist over a call.

29 Oct 2023
Wow, that was incredibly fast response.   Thank you so much!  This is such a better template.   I really value your sharing this and your organization's creation of it.

29 Oct 2023
I've just found a lot of very useful information on your website with valuable guidance to us as a relatively newly formed and small scale charity who are just at the point of submitting their first Annual report.

8 Nov 2023
Thank you so much for your speedy reply.   I appreciate your time and the suggestions you made and will follow through with them.

22 Nov 2023
I’ve used your resources on a number of occasions when I chaired a charity, and found them to be really helpful. 

1 Dec 2023
Thanks so much for your help.   You've been invaluable.   Annual report and accounts have now been submitted.   In appreciation,

6 Dec 2023
Thank you so much for this morning.   Below is the reply I received from TCC following the original application earlier this year.   We have since worked on making sure we have the framework in place and policies. 

9 Dec 2023
I thought that you might like to know that we have succeeded in our application to the Commission to be a CIO and are now on the register.

9 Jan 2024
Thanks so much for sending this advice and information.   It is very kind of you and helpful for what we need.   I completely agree with your advice that clarity and brevity are what we’re aiming for, to make the policies as useful to our volunteers as possible.