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Small Charity Support produces numerous (more than 40 at the last count) free-to-download-and-use guidance leaflets covering most of the issues encountered by the trustees of small charities.   Some of the leaflets appear in more than one section, indicated by superscripts, eg: {TR}
Click on a leaflet title to open a downloadable version (PDF).     Or on a section heading to go to another web-page with fuller details.


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 {TR} The Responsibilities & Roles of Small Charity Trustees 

SmallCharityTrusteesThe Responsibilities & Roles of ALL Trustees

Typical Responsibilities & Roles of the Chair   {Including managing meetings}

Typical Responsibilities & Roles of the Treasurer   {Including reporting to Trustees}

Payments to Trustees and Connected Persons

Minutes   {Recording discussions & decisions effectively}

Preparing the Trustees Annual Report & Accounts  (See below)


Managing a Small Charity

TrusteesTeamworkOutputs & Outcomes   {What the charity does, and what it achieves}

Programme Planning

     Introduction to programme (aka: business planning

     Programme Plan Template  (editable text document)

     Programme/Project Tasks Monitoring (editable spreadsheet)


Managing Meetings

     Typical Roles & Responsibilities of the Chair

     Minutes {Recording discussions & decisions effectively}


Managing the Money

Typical Roles & Responsibilities of the Treasurer

Budgets & Cash Flows

For more information, see "Simple Accounts for Small Charities", below

Preparing the Trustees Annual Report & Accounts
ALL charities, regardless of their size MUST prepare Trustees Annual Reports & Accounts and make them available to the public on reasonal request WHETHER OR NOT they are required to submit them automatically (ie: without being requested) to the Charity Commission.

     Preparing the Trustees' Annual Report
         Trustees' Annual Report Template
(Editable Doc)

     Preparing the Annual Accounts (Financial Statements)

     Reserves Policies


Choosing an Independent Examiner or Financial Advisor
Not all professional/qualified accountants have the required knowledge and understanding of charity accounting practices.   This leaflet provides guidance on how to find the right person.


ScrollExample Policies & Procedures for Small Charities

Takes you to a separate web-page where you can find a range of 18 downloadable/editable example policies & procedures which you can adapt to your charity's own requirements.


Charity Accounts Made Easy

0404b CashFlowMonitoringAugTakes you to a separate web-page with guidance on how to prepare and manage the finances of a small charity in accordance with Charity Commission requirements WITHOUT having to use complicated accounts procedures and professional accountants or financial advisors.
The leaflets on that web-page are:

    • What accounts ALL charities MUST keep;
    • Typical Roles & Responsibilities of the Treasurer;
    • Recording & Managing Your Charity's Funds
    • Budgets & Cash Flows
    • Financial Controls CheckList
    • Bank Account
    • Preparing the Trustees Annual Report & Account;
    • Simple Accounts Spreadsheet {MS-Excel} & Instructions


Starting & Registering a Small Charity

StartingACharityTakes you to a separate web-page with guidance on what you will need to have and to do to set up a new small charity and get it registered with the Charity Commission.
The leaflets on that web-page are:

    • Introduction & Overview;
    • Outputs & Outcomes;
    • Charitable Purposes/Objects;
    • Governing Document
    • Roles & Responsibilities of Trustees;
    • A "Minute" Book;
    • Bank Account;
    • "Simple is Beautiful" - Managing Charity Accounts;
    • Programme Planning;
    • Policies & Procedures;
    • Registering with the Charity Commission.
    • Preparing the Trustees Annual Report & Account;


Quiz ScoreBoard

Not a leaflet - just a bit of fun !
A downloadable Quiz Scoreboard {in open-source MS-Excel}

If your charity runs quizzes, whether as social events or fundraisers (or both) this might be of interest