Haven't been able to find what you were looking for on the Small Charity Support website?

Here are some other resources which might be able to help.
They all have good reputations, but Small Charity Support hasn’t itself tested and verified everything which they have on offer.   Similarly, the absence of an organisation from the list DOESN’T mean that it should be avoided – simply that with a large number of organisations offering support & services at a variety of levels it is not practical for us to check and list them all.

For those with an {M} marker your charity has to be a member of the organisation to be able to access some, if not all, of its resources.   Those with a {T} marker also offer training courses and workshops for small charities.

The entries are listed alphabetically by name, NOT by “recommendation”.

The first paragraph, in italics, under each resource is what the organisation says about itself, and is taken verbatim from the organisation’s website.

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Bates Wells & Braithwaite   Get Legal

“BWB Get Legal brings you essential legal documents, available to customise and download for your organisation.   Drafted to the highest standards by charity law experts at Bates Wells Braithwaite, each document is tailored to your specific needs by guiding you through an easy-to-follow, step-by-step Q&A process.”

BWB is a big firm of London solicitors with large department specialising in charity law.

It’s “Get Legal” website publishes template for a variety of legal documents, policies, etc. which are suitable for charities.    But you have to pay for them,  prices typically £20 - £50

Charities Buying Group

“The Charities Buying Group is a not for profit community interest company providing a totally FREE range of buying services,   You can cut your costs on a wide range of goods and services......”

Charity Finance Group {M} {T}

“Charity Finance Group (CFG) is the charity that inspires a financially confident, dynamic and trustworthy charity sector. We do this by championing best practice, nurturing leadership and influencing policy makers.”

Information and guidance for charities, small and large, on a variety of financial matters.
Most are only accessible to members.   The membership subscriptions start at £70/y for small charities (<£250K/yr) out of London (https://cfg.org.uk/charity_membership )


The Foundation for Social Improvement {M} {T}

"The Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI) provides free and very heavily subsidised support for small and local charities based in the UK (those with a turnover under £1.5 million).
Support includes training, conferences, online learning, access to an advice hub and the annual Small Charity Week campaign as well as research on the small charity sector.
Membership is FREE"


Gloucestershire Rural Community Council

"GRCC is an independent, Charitable Company, limited by guarantee.   We are committed to strengthening and working with Gloucestershire’s communities, providing them with professional advice and support and representing them at local and national level to make sure they are heard."

As it's website indicates, Gloucestershire Rural Community Council is set up primarily to support charities and community groups in its own area.   But the "Templates" page on its website has some really useful downloadable example policies and procedures templates.


National Cyber Security Centre

“The NCSC was set up to help protect our critical services from cyber attacks, manage major incidents, and improve the underlying security of the UK Internet through technological improvement and advice to citizens and organisations.”

FREE downloadable information & guidance on IT security, including for “small” charities.



NCVO {M} {T}

“We champion the voluntary sector by connecting, representing and supporting voluntary organisations. We work to help voluntary organisations and volunteers make the biggest difference they can.”

The NCVO, is n umbrella organisation for charities of all sizes.
To access its resources your charity needs to be a member.
Membership for charities with an annual income less than £30,000 is FREE.
For charities with incomes above £30,000 see the NCVO’s membership website.


NCVO Know-How Non-Profit {M} {T}

“Good advice, shared.   Knowledge and e-learning for charities, social enterprises and community groups.”

A division of the NCVO, the  “KnowHow-NonProfit” website publishes guidance leaflets and templates on a wide variety of charity issues.
But you have to be a member of the NCVO (see above) to access them.


NCVO Trusted Suppliers {M}

“Trusted Suppliers provide specialist products and services that can save your organisation time and money.   We've done the hard work sourcing these expert suppliers so you can remain totally focused on your vital work.”


Sayer Vincent

“Sayer Vincent is an award-winning firm of chartered accountants with a clear focus on charities and social enterprises.”

Has a range of publications, some as purchasable books others as FREE downloadable PDFs, on charity finance issues.   The sub-section, “Made Simple Guides” is worth a look – they are mostly FREE downloadable PDFs.


Resource Centre {M}

"A really useful place for community groups"

Based in Brighton, many of its services are available only to charity & community groups in Sussex.   But its website also has lots of materials which may be more widely useful.


Small Charities Coalition {M} {T}

“We help small charities access the skills, tools & information they need to get going and do what they do best.”

An umbrella organisation for small charities (annual income up to £1M)
It’s website has links to a wide range of resources, including training opportunities targeted at smaller charities.   It also has some on-line FAQs.

Membership is FREE.


W.Yorkshire Community Accounting {M} {T}

"West Yorkshire Community Accounting Service (WYCAS) supports organisations to manage their finances more effectively and efficiently.   Our specialist and highly knowledgeable team offer you training, support and tailored services to help you to better manage your finances and meet the various regulatory requirements allowing you to focus on delivering your services."

WYCAS services are mostly focused on supporting charities and NfP organisations in its local W.Yorkshire area.
But its website has an excellent range of FREE downloadable guidance.   In particular, the "Tools" section of its "Help & Advice" page has some useful simple spreadsheets for managing small charity finances.